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About CMCH

The California Medical Clinic for Headache (CMCH) is a referral center for patients suffering from headache disorders. Headache diagnoses treated by CMCH include: Migraine, Cluster, Paroxysmal Hemicranias, Chronic Daily Headache, atypical headache, “sinus headache”, post-traumatic headache and others. The CMCH was founded in 1971 as the first private headache treatment clinic in the Western United States. Its founder was Dr. Lee Kudrow, a renowned clinical and researcher in the field of headache medicine. Since 1995 his son, Dr. David Kudrow, a board certified neurologist with specialty in headache medicine, has been the medical director. CMCH continues to be a premier treatment and research center in headache medicine. Patients are referred by their primary care doctors, neurologists and by word of mouth from all over the United States and abroad. CMCH is committed to the evaluation, diagnosis and management of headache disorders and continues to be a world leader in investigative research on headache.



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